Sticker Larangan Onani Adalah Palsu Kata UITM.


Palsu rupanya.

Lihat bawah ;

Yang kelakar tue, bila wartawan cuma mempropagandakan pertanyaan dia kepada wakil UITM adakah kegiatan onani dibenarkan? Wakil UITM menjawab larangan itu adalah palsu.

Hahaha.. lawak juga cara penyampaian wartawan The Malay Mail. Padahal UITM cuma nak memberitahu bahawa sticker tue bukan datang dari pihak dorang. Bukan arahan dari pentadbiran Universiti la senang cakap. 

Seterusnya, tak pula depa seru pelajar untuk beronani. Jangan salah faham.

Baca ;

An official from Universiti Teknologi Mara’s (UiTM) Kolej Perindu denied today that administrators have banned students from masturbating in their hostels, despite photos of a sticker warning currently making its rounds online.

A representative from the residential college’s Student and Alumni Affairs Department told The Malay Mail Online that the sticker was a mere “hoax”, likely started by the students.
“We have never produced anything to that effect,” said the official who wished to remain anonymous.
When asked if this means that the students are allowed to masturbate, she replied: “The ban is false.”
She added that the college became aware of the stickers when an official in charge of student registration discovered them some time ago.
“We have reported it to the auxiliary police,” she said.
The white warning sticker bearing the name of Kolej Perindu has been circulated online, mostly in social media.
“Dilarang melakukan kerosakan, dilarang merokok, dilarang beronani. Awas! Anda sedang diperhatikan,” said the sticker.
[Translation: “Vandalism is prohibited, smoking is prohibited, masturbation is prohibited. Beware! You are being watched.”]
The college official explained that only the first two prohibitions are enforced on the students, and they apply to the entire university.
She said the stickers the college produces is one to track the number of electrical appliances used by residents.
Masturbation is considered forbidden by most Islamic scholars, but some view it permissible when it can prevent adultery or sex out of wedlock. -TMM-

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