Berhenti Kecam Saya Kata Chef Wan - Ini Penjelasan Chef Wan Dalam Isu Laksa Sarawak & Subsidi Minyak Masak.

Isu neh agak kecoh semalam. Kerana Chef Wan dipetik sebagai berkata agak bersetuju dengan penghapusan subsidi ke atas minyak masak apabila mencadangkan orang ramai boleh cuba memasak dengan cara membakar, memanggang dan stim. Berbanding goreng-goreng. Masakan juga menjadi lebih sihat. Di samping itu, Chef Wan juga dikecam kerana terlibat dalam event buat rekod masak Laksa Sarawak terbesar namun akhirnya makanan itu dibuang pada pagi tadi.

Ini penjelasan Chef Wan seperti yang dipetik menerusi laman Instagramnya. Dalam penjelasan tersebut Chef Wan meminta agar orang ramai berhenti mengecamnya atas dua isu tersebut. Chef Wan juga menafikan dia bersetuju dengan langkah kerajaan dalam menghapuskan subsidi minyak masak mahupun terlibat dalam acara menyediakan Laksa Sarawak bagi mencipta rekod Malaysia. Menurut Chef Wan, tindakan membuang makanan tersebut merupakan satu perbuatan yang kurang bijak.



Berikut merupakan penjelasan Chef Wan ;


Morning..betul kata orang tua2 tak di telan mati bapak jika di telan mati emak!

Indeed very difficult for me to comment on this.
However it did cross my mind on this issue yesterday.
I will be lying not to say no kan. Lets be clear about this as i know so many have asked me about this on my instigram semlm.

1st thing i was invited Only to join the launch of Plaza Merdeka new food hall together with Toh Puan Ragab today at 11am and perform my cookery demo.

Hari saya tiba ke Kuching 2 nites ago pihak Plaza Merdeka asked me "CW we are officiating this attempt to break the Malaysia book of Records to have made the biggest bowl of Sarawak Laksa record.

Since this is part of our Plaza Merdeka celebration and CW is also here for the foodhall launch do u mind to join us esok?
Naturally i said YES kan.I was excited to know also how big is this bowl and the record that they must achieve to be in the Book of Records.

I didnt cook the Laksa neither i am aware they are not feeding them to others until i was there pagi tu. After the launch the Minister was swarmed by the press and was asked about the subsidi of cooking oil.

I didnt hear what he said as i was swarmed by fans tak habis ambil gambar and abit bising dan kecoh suasana pun.
Later some press asked me about this sugar subsidi apa pandangan saya?

Saya rasa la saya tak kata apa kerajaan buat itu saya setuju!
Tapi saya kata lets also look at the positive side that consumers can also look at other healthy avenue of preparing food at home.

We can try to grill, baked and Roast or steam our food instead of habits of deep frying and stir frying which always uses more oil.

Now correct me if i am wrong.

As a professional Chef being asked such question is my answer not correct to suggest that alternative? Why some have blame me as though i totally agreed with the government decision? 1st thing i have no control if the government had to make that decision and for what reason.

If the media wants to put big headline about minyak nak naik or Pembaziran Laksa Sarawak itu pun i have no control or say.
So to some Stop putting the blame and asked me non stop all this questions

Why this..why that...kutuk dan marah saya macam2
Out there?

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